[Photograph: Andrea Lynn]

I was a skeptic. Apple salsa? Sure, I enjoy a good fruit salsa but I had never thought of it in terms of apples. But, hey, it's apple season and a good opportunity to use up the fruit. Who knew it could be so good.

Thanks goes to Alice Q. Foodie's blog post on the salsa, who tried it at an apple-themed dinner party, describing it as "light but flavorful—sweet, spicy and tart." Make sure to finely chop the apples unlike yours truly did, so it better combines with the other chopped ingredients. I upped the chipotle level in the salsa recipe quite a bit, as well as the adobo sauce, which adds a jolt of smokiness to the mix. Using a Granny Smith and a Red Delicious contributes more to the tart/sweet aspect of the salsa.

There was a certain point where I ditched the chips and just used a spoon to eat the salsa on its own. It's that addictively good. Had I not eaten the entire batch, I would have drizzled the apple salsa over sautéed chicken or pork tenderloin. Or, even stuffed it into an avocado half. But no matter what it's served with, this apple salsa is sure to be a hit.

About the author: Andrea Lynn is senior editor for Chile Pepper magazine, where she not only creates a wide range of zesty recipes for readers, but also participates in numerous tastings for hot sauce, salsa, and other spice-laden products (even chocolate!). Her favorite chile? A tie between the mild yet flavorful poblano and the mighty, reliable fire of the serrano.


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