[Photograph: Jill Lotenberg, Food Network]

In an interview with Popeater, semi-homemade enthusiast Sandra Lee talked about her special Halloween episode, which aired on Sunday, where she dressed in five different Renaissance-themed Halloween costumes. Wigs and armor included! As the proclaimed "Queen of Halloween," she felt inspired to go all out.

The show opened with her as a young Queen Elizabeth I on a royal barge, then she was Lady Mary Anne riding a horse (an actual one) and jousting, and eventually Robin Hood, bow and arrow and all. "My costumes are amazing, you'll laugh so hard." Did you watch? Did you laugh so hard?

She also plugged her new cookbook, Semi-Homemade The Complete Cookbook, an anniversary cookbook that pulls from her 14 seasons on Food Network. There are a whoppin' 1,001 recipes piled in there. "It's got an index, where when you get to page five you're still in "C" for chicken!"


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