Crispy potato chips. [Photo: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Crunch, Crunch: Learn to make the perfect crunchy potato chips on this week's edition of The Food Lab.

Meta Cupcakes: If there's one thing that Cakespy has taught us, it's that cupcakes are even better when stuffed with more cupcakes.

Cold Fermented Pizza: The longer it's in your fridge fermenting, the better the dough will be for this fontina, parmigiano, and oregano pizza.

Holy Meaty Matrimony: Lung (or brisket and tripe) mixes with Sichuan spices to create Husband and Wife Lung Slices, a union like no other.

Savory Sammich Bread: This soft, buttery Milk and Honey bread teases the senses with a touch of saffron, and is the perfect base for a tomato and mayo sandwich.

Veggie Pie: Nothing lets zucchini shine more than a well-prepared creamy, cheesy, veggie-y, Eggy Zucchini Pie. Great for even the pickiest eaters among us.

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