Culinary Ambassadors: Street Food in Brazil, Pastels

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Brazil is a huge country; as such, its cuisine varies a lot from region to region. Pastel, however, can be found pretty much all over the country: The deep-fried, crisp pastry can be filled with anything, reflecting local cuisines and tastes. The most popular fillings tend to be cheese, ground beef, heart of palm, and shrimp.

Pastel is a staple at any street fair and farmers market in the country; it is usually served with freshly pressed caldo de cana — the sweet and thirst-quenching juice extracted from raw, peeled sugar cane. It makes for a quick, delicious and very cheap lunch while walking around choosing local produce. It's also common to serve pastel as finger food in pubs, along with some ice-cold beer.

Pastel makes for excellent leftovers on the next day, as well as awesome hangover food.

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