Culinary Ambassadors: School Lunch in Poland

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Long lines in bookshops; an apocalypse in supermarket stationery departments; fights over the last white shirt, size 12-to-14 Years; pencils and notebooks flying in the air. Yes, that's right, the school year has begun.

But what are these children bringing to school for lunch? Well, usually what moms or grandmas have prepared them. Homemade school lunches (or rather "second breakfast," as it is called in Poland)— are usually sandwiches, an apple or pear, maybe some home-baked cake, juice, water.

This tradition is great, and I hope that it won't die any time soon.

And of course, unfortunately, many times children would devour on school-bought crisps; chocolate bars etc. washing it with some Coke or, maybe, best-case scenario, some water or juice (phew). Well, you can't avoid it.

Besides "second breakfast," in many schools lunches (warm meals, usually soup and a main course) are also available. And luckily in many cases they don't look as bad as some of the food in Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution series—they are not deep-frozen or microwaved. But that doesn't mean that children are eager to eat them ("Ugh, what's that strange meat?").

Though we don't have a Jamie Oliver who could scare those kids and their parents about the consequences of poor diet at an early age, hopefully in the last few years, children's health and diets are being talked about more and more. There's been are are some special actions or programs that schools can get involved in (for example an educational program rolled out this year, Eat Vegetable and Fruit 5 Times a Day).

So, there is still lots to be done, but let's wish those children luck.


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