20100804-cheezdoodles2.jpgLast week the creator of the cheddar tube puffs known as Cheez Doodles died in his New York home at the age of 90. In honor of Morrie Yohai—and all the orange-coated fingers he brought into our lives—we share this episode from Food Network's Unwrapped on how Cheez Doodles are made.

Did you know 220 doodles are produced every second (220 newborn doodles, just like that!) at the Wise Foods production plant in Pennsylvania? That's over five billion every year. So many doodles. They start with big vats of a water-cornmeal mix that's forced through small holes in a machine. Now, here comes the mind-exploding part: as soon as they push out, they puff up in mid-air due to the high pressure.

Kevin Croen, a product manager at Wise Foods, says the days without a ready supply of Cheez Doodles "are the days that just don't have sunshine in them." We hope you're listening, Morrie. Watch the video, and raise a Doodle to him.

How Cheez Doodles Are Made


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