You may have seen the birthday cat meme earlier this week. A very unimpressed-looking, smooshed-face cat (in a red tie!) is being serenaded "Happy Birthday" by some cute-sounding kids. But the cat so doesn't want to be there. I was saving this video gem for our Animals Eating Friday feature, and then realized—oh, how perfect! Our own AHT editor/beautiful photo-taking/manatee-loving Robyn's birthday is on Friday!

Hey Robyn, a few inches away from me, happy birthday!

Ways Robyn and this birthday cat are different: she doesn't look unamused right now. She looks pretty darn chuffed after a breakfast of City Bakery's pretzel croissants! She's also not in a red tie. Watch the video, after the jump.

Birthday Cat Is Not Amused

More Meows



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