Happy National Waffle Day!


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Hey, guess what? It's National Waffle Day! The "holiday" marks the anniversary of the first U.S. patent for a waffle iron, which Cornelius Swarthout received on August 24, 1869. How good a name is Cornelius Swarthout? And how bad do you want a waffle right now? (You do, you really do.) Whether it's the thick and crisp Belgian kind, the denser and chewier Li├Ęge, the syrup-filled stroopwafels, or the frozen ones from a box (no shame), be sure to honor the waffle today.

5 Waffle Recipes

The Greatest Waffle Recipe Ever
Beer Waffles
Frozen Waffle Maple Sausage Casserole
Chocolate Banana Waffles
Moffles (Mochi Waffles)