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Taking a look at my own pantry, I like to think it is fairly typical of most Australians, with a few exceptions. I have flour, both plain and self-raising, as well as some gluten flour for breadmaking (probably not a "typical" pantry item judging by how hard I had to hunt to find it), some normal sugar, some icing sugar (or confectioners' sugar as Americans know it), and quite a bit of caster sugar. Some baking soda and baking powder, a couple of boxes of cereal, quite a few boxes of muesli bars, and some boxes of soup mixes which are very handy for very cold nights when you can't be bothered cooking. To go with these packets of soup are their slightly heartier cousins, the canned soup, and of course, some crackers to dip in them.

A healthy collection of spices sits side by side with some tinned tomatoes, which sits right next to our rather large collection of baked beans. There are also the bags of pasta and rice, right near the front. At the bottom of the pantry sits two cartons of (I would like to say neglected, but in reality we buy at least one every week) soft drink, generally lemonade and some form of cola. Peanut butter finds its way in there too, among the rest, although my partner and I are constantly having discussions about whether it belongs in the pantry or the fridge. I vote pantry.

And of course no proper Australian pantry would be without the ever-present jar of Vegemite, oh prized production of our great nation. This staple is generally purchased in massive amounts, as it never seems to go off, and consumed just as enthusiastically (at least by me). Whether spread on toast or with cheese on a sandwich, nothing beats beautiful Vegemite as the ultimate pantry staple.

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[And also from Australia today, s2149136 checks in with the following ...]

Flour, salt, sugar, banana's, VEGEMITE, strawberry jam, peanut paste, packet mixes (like stroganoff/devilled sausages/ lamb ragout base powders, cake mix), herbs (mainly basil, parsley, chilli flakes and italian mixed herbs), curry powder, golden syrups, oats, baking soda, cheddar cheese, milk, orange juice, apples, frozen peas, frozen brocolli, canned corn kernals, stock powders, tinned tomatoes, jarred garlic, tinned peaches, frozen pastry, white bread, butter, iceberg lettuce, carrots, dried pasta, white rice, cornflakes.


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