Oatmeal ice cream at Birch & Barley. [Photograph: Erin Zimmer]

We've seen ice cream on oatmeal and oatmeal on ice cream (can you tell we like this theme?) but oatmeal actually in ice cream? Oh, yes.

Pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac of Birch & Barley in Washington D.C. doesn't have it on her menu anymore* but she shared the recipe with us. MacIsaac says she doesn't eat oatmeal for breakfast on a daily basis, but has a minor obsession with oatmeal cookies and cookie dough. (I mean, who doesn't?) She infuses the milk base with cooked oats and the necessary oatmeal toppings—like cinnamon and brown sugar—so it has all those flavors of toasted oat goodness and spice.

"Plus the small amount of gluten from the oats makes the ice cream extra rich.  We also do corn ice cream at Birch & Barley right now, which has the same effect," MacIsaac said. It's important to use steel-cut oats for this instead of regular Quaker Oats, which will turn your ice cream base into mush.

* Birch & Barley doesn't have oatmeal ice cream on the menu currently, but it's available at Columbia Firehouse in Alexandria, Virginia, as a sundae, served with brown sugar toffee, warm cinnamon donuts and pecan granola. 


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