There's so much going on in Talk week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

Everybody Loves Raymond's Brother!

"My BF never eats the last bite of anything he eats with his fingers, like fries or chips. He always bites it off and has this fingertip sized bit left over, and usually tosses that back onto the communal plate. It drives me crazy, why doesn't he just eat the whole bite!" Leo1881

What to Do with a BUSHEL of Corn-on-the-Cob??

"...TMJ529, To answer your question, a new farm stand opened very close to my house. I took my kids and we were all impressed with the sheer excitement that this particular farmer felt for his produce. It was crazy. Anyway, we bought a bunch of stuff -- in regular quantities -- but my kids were hypnotized with the big bushels of corn on the table. It was day-old and only cost $5 for the whole thing. How could I resist?? Really. No one could. You would have bought it, too! (Plus, I knew that I could run right home and put out a post to my fellow Seroius Eaters and easily find a use for all of our hypnotic corn.)..." Baiqi

Restaurant Nicknames

"Oh, and we call Fuddruckers Ruddfu-umm....nevermind." lawofmurphy

Bummer City: Pantry Moths!

"The pantry moths really, really like paper. They love to lay eggs in the corrugated sleeves that come with incandescent bulbs (which of course you're not using anymore anyway). Last week guests encountered a larva between cards in a deck. yuck. In my house it's principally birdseed that offends, though they will climb up under the lids of canisters to get to things. And any open package of grain is a no-no.

"The triangular traps themselves I find kind of iffy. I attach the lures to old-fashioned pull down fly traps, and those work much better. They'll hold an awful lot of moths, and you can transfer the lure to another fly trap pretty easily. Yes, they're unattractive, but not as much as moths.

"Oh, and yes, you can keep your canned goods. No need to rinse them in bleach. The pantry moths aren't interested." Bummer City: Pantry Moths!

What Cities Have Provided Surprising Serious Eats for You?

"Duluth, Minnesota. Cook what you know, and Lake Superior fish is what they know. And they make it damn good.

"Which is not necessarily surprising, per say, except that people forget to eat locally and try to order things they like in other towns and can't excuse this town for not making it 'properly.'" inothernews

Every Kitchen Should Have One: Kitchen Tools We Can't Be Without

"Does the dishwasher count?" sparrowgrass

Weird Foods to Eat Together

"I haven't had it in a while, but cream cheese spread on salami. Has to be hard salami, and the cream cheese would be spread thin to the edges. I'd stack like 4-5 slices together, and cut them into little wedges, like a greasy salty tiny cake. Best snack ever.

"Banana and mayo. Like, a banana, with a smear of mayo on each bite.

"Salt on peaches, or salt and a splash of vinegar on peaches. Salt, vinegar and a pinch of red pepper flakes. I ate this as a kid.

"Cheeze Doodles on a peanut butter sandwich. Cheeze Doodles and hot cocoa. Saltines and milk." Lilija

What's Your New Thing?

"Lately I've been on an agua fresca kick. It's a perfect way to capitalize on seasonal summer fruit, and stretch it to the max.

"To prepare: I simply fill my blender about 1/3 full with my fruit of choice, add 1/2 cup of sugar (or more, to taste - agave, or other sweeteners work fine, too), fill the blender to the full mark with water, and puree for a few minutes to fully incorporate.

"Watermelon is a frequent flavor this season, followed by pineapple, strawberry, nectarine, peach and cantalope - probably in that order." Paula Maack

Serious Eaters/Gardeners: What's Doing with Your Tomatoes??

"Here in Iowa my tomatoes have really come in over the past 2 weeks. We've had several meals of bruschetta and BLTs. I made some salsa mexicana last.night and threw in some diced avocado. I also made a very simple roasted tomato sauce that's destined for the freezer. But even after all that, I still have over 2 dozen tomatoes (roma, San Marzano, & Celebrity) on my windowsill at this moment! I'm getting about 6 per day. I need to make some roasted salsa and a tomato-jalapeno sauce yet. I also need to tackle the ever-exploding bowl of tomatillos in my fridge..." dana828

Opinion Update: The Cooking Channel

"I'm really liking it so far. I watch Spice Goddess, Everyday Exotic, Drink Up, and Jaime Oliver's show pretty frequently. Foodography is fun but part of me wonders if it's just that I like Mo Rocca more than Mark Summers and that's it's really just crap with a better host. I've caught other shows here and there and enjoyed some of them. There was one set in Vietnam that just made me want to travel and eat all the yummy food he showed. I'll have to add that one to the "to watch" list. gingercookiewithlime

Top 3 Phrases I Hate to See in Food Reviews, Over and Over

"I really hate the over-acting, and over-dramaticizing in a lot of food reviews. it's worse on TV (who hasn't seen Rachael Ray or Guy Fieri obviously over-reacting to how good a hot-dog is?), but even in written reviews they do that kind of thing. Another annoyance of written reviews is ignorance. too often, food reviewers don't know what they're talking about, and skewer a chef, and by extension, his entire staff, for doing something correctly. I've been in that situation(the reviewer came in during my shift and ignorantly criticized a meal i know was perfect), and it's endlessly frustrating." rasellers0


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