Serious Eats' Culinary Ambassadors check in from time to time with reports on food fare in their homeland or countries of residence. Given that today is National Waffle Day in the U.S., we thought we'd invite BierGiek on stage today to dispel a myth. —The Mgmt.


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First and foremost, Belgians do not eat waffels for breakfast.

Not ever.

Breakfast usually consists of bread and cheese, such as sliced Gouda, jam and honey. Children often eat sandwiches with Nutella or the type of cream cheese sold in the USA as "Laughing Cow". On Sunday or for a special treat, people typically flock to the bakeries in the early morning and buy croissants and crispy bread rolls. Belgians favor (strong) coffee in the morning, although tea has gained some ground. Orange juice is also a common option.

What did I eat this morning?

My husband and I travel a lot and we bring home breakfast recipes from all over the world. My personal favorite is Thai-style congee: rice porridge with hot chili peppers, scallions, little dried fish, and little pork balls, plus whatever else that might be lurking in the fridge that seems an appropriate addition. However, on a normal day, I will have anything from fruit with oats and yoghurt to toast and cheese. And, I love my coffee in the morning.


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