Matcha Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches. [Photograph: kirbie]

For our last Weekend Cook and Tell challenge we asked all of you to take a trip to France by way of the kitchen and share your personal takes on La Grande Cuisine. All of your summery interpretations of French dishes were très magnifique, let's take a look at some of our favorites:

kirbie took France's beloved macarons to the next level by filling them with pistachio ice cream to for these Matcha Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches, a perfect hot weather dessert.

somaR added apricots and almonds to the traditional cherries to make this light and airy Cherry and Apricot Clafoutis

Egg and diary-free aren't words typically associated with French cooking but somehow MadelynRodriguez managed to make a Vegan Cherry Almond Clafoutis as well as an Eggless Gâteau de Crêpes. C'est incroyable, Madelyn!


Chicken Mousseline Terrine. [Photograph: knowwhey]

knowwhey made an ambitious and really beautiful Summer Terrine of chicken mousseline and asparagus mousse layered with red peppers, snap peas, asparagus, and eggplant.

We'll leave it up to you to decide if orchidgirl's French Toast counts for this week's challenge, but her adorable Homemade Macarons certainly do!

Thanks to everyone who brought out the butter and berets for this week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: Atypical Tacos!


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