[Photographs: Helen Jane Hearn]

Summertime brings outside activity of a mellow sportsmanship. Here in St. Helena, we roll bocce balls, but in your town you may be tossing lawn darts or playing badminton. Three guidelines for what we want to eat while playing:

  • We don't want to eat anything too confusing.
  • We don't want to eat anything that requires an oven.
  • We just need one hand for sporty engagement and one hand for consumables.

The following recipes are my favorite snacks for no-cook one-handed summertime consumption. Be warned: You will need at least two hours of advance refrigerator time before these appetizers are ready, but I know you're a planner.


TMBC Skewers »
Smoked Salmon Roll-Ups »
Peanut Butter Honey Balls »

About the author: Helen Jane Hearn writes about creative entertaining at helenjane.com. Founder of the national cheese club Cheesewhizzes, Helen Jane's bimonthly cheese potlucks have been called "Napa's Best Parties" by Food and Wine magazine (December 2009). During the day, she runs Maplevine, a design consultancy specializing in wineries.


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