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How to Roast Peppers

I'll admit it. I buy those pricey jars of roasted peppers, especially in the winter. But have you ever noticed how they're so smushy, they fall apart at the slightest touch? And how they're so slippery, they seem to want to slither away from you?

Not the case with peppers you roast at home: tender but with structural integrity, moist but not slimy, and the taste is fresh, bright, and just slightly smoky all at once. A perfect summer food. And my favorite method for roasting peppers is a little like making roasted marshmallows, another summertime favorite.

All you need to do is char the surface of the pepper over the flame of a gas stove (or the heat of a campfire or outdoor grill) just like a kid who loves blackened marshmallows (or maybe you still are that kid). Then, following an optional steam in a covered bowl (more on that in the slideshow), scrape the skin off, core and seed the pepper, and enjoy.

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How to Eat Them

Beyond Bell Peppers

This open flame method works particularly well with small batches. A good alternative, especially if you have a lot of peppers, is to char them under a broiler, rotating them every few minutes to ensure that the skin is evenly blistered and blackened. Small peppers, like jalepeños, can even be done in a toaster oven.

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