OIAJ: Oatmeal in a (Peanut Butter) Jar

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There's no question that the PB&J sandwich is a lunchroom staple. On average, a student will eat 1,500 of them before graduating from high school—and probably twice as many after that, living as a college student on a shoestring budget.

Of course, eating peanut butter isn't just limited to lunch. There are many delicious ways to have it for breakfast—with pancakes and waffles (either in the batter or mixed with syrup), baked into scones or granola, or as a dip for some freshly cut apples or pears (a popular mid-aftenoon snack as well).

But the peanut butter breakfast phenomenon that's been heating up this year is called "Oats In a Jar." OIAJ aficionados essentially use almost empty jars of peanut butter as a vessel for eating their hot oatmeal, thereby accomplishing a few tasks at once.

Three Reasons Why You Should Try OIAJ

1. You use up every last bit of delicious peanut butter in the jar.

2. You have a "portable" container to eat and transport breakfast.

3. You save yourself from washing yet another dish.

There are many pro-OIAJ bloggers out there. For some interesting combos using different nut butters and types of oatmeal, check out Live Love Eat and Play, Run Write Therapy Life, and Healthy Diva Eats.

Do you do the OIAJ thing? Or do you enjoy peanut butter for breakfast in any interesting ways?

About the author: Lee Zalben was a PB&J-loving kid that grew up to be the founder and president of Peanut Butter & Co., which began as a Greenwich Village sandwich shop serving nothing but peanut butter sandwiches and expanded to include the now-famous line of all natural flavored peanut butter. Lee is a graduate of Vassar College and enjoys traveling the world in search of interesting foods made with peanuts, tree nuts, and seeds. When he's not working, eating, flying or writing, he enjoys scuba diving and training elephants.

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