A Hamburger Today

This Week in Recipes


[Photo credit: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Sous-Vide: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt lends his scientific eye to the task of making a sous-vide burger patty.

Seasonally Good: Kerry Saretsky eats truly French with a seasonally-inspired green veggie and goat cheese penne.

Taco Friday: Caroline Russcock whips up Tacos Al Pastor in true Tex-Mex style and reaffirms her love for pineapple.

Fava Fever: Fresh fava beans are irresistible in a vegetable and garlicky crouton salad by Blake Royer.

No Knead Needed: Slice intern Aaron Mattis cooks up a beautiful no-knead pizza pie dough.

A Strong Stomach: Chichi Wang produces a pork stomach taco to appeal to even the offal-shy.

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