Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

There's so much going on in Talk week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

Simple Ways to Liven Up Food on the Grill

Liven up your grilling with cheesy video effects and weird dancing anime characters, like the guys from Tornado Alley Q Crew do. Seriously, you have to watch this video — just a few seconds of it. It is bizarre. [via URLesque]

Look Who's Talkin'"Citrus: Lemon and/or lime and/or orange juices for both meats and vegetables.

"Herbs: Try using a small bunch of herbs tied together (used instead of a brush or spoon) to baste the meats or vegetables with marinade.

"Marinade combinations:
Red wine, garlic and oregano.
White wine, lemon juice, garlic and dill.
Tequila, lime juice, jalapenos, garlic, chili powder and cilantro." leebo

Non-alcoholic Summer Drinks

"On the horchata point above... in PR we make horchatas with sesame seeds - toasted or untoasted. I like it both ways... just blend sesame seeds with water and brown sugar and strain the mixture a few times, the last time it helps to do it with a cotton cloth... really nice." MadelynRodriguez

[Horchata with sesame seeds? Wow. Awesome. Thanks, MadRod! —AK]

Portion Sizes

"Here are a couple of links that might help:



"The first gives guidelines regarding portion sizes, the second gives boatloads of information on eating healthy, analyzing recipes and giving you the nutritional information and oh so much more. Hope that helps!" dhorst

I Give Up: What's So Good About a Chocolate Mayonaise Cake?

"It is very moist and almost a marriage of chocolate cake and a brownie. I was told that it was popular during WWII because of rationing. It is still my go to chocolate cake when I don't want to fuss with a big production melting chocolate, etc, but need a larger cake than a cake pan cake. Try it, you'll like it!" oldelady

Who, What, Where, When, Why?

"Who was the best cook? My mother. And my granddaddy. Ok, two birds on this one. Most memorable/Where are you from? My first solid food as a baby was raw oysters and a crab boil, in Galveston. When did I get it? Eight years old. I ordered octopus at a restaurant. Why did my mother do the best? Geez, she let me have fun. And! I was in the kitchen at an early age to get the fried liver, gizzard, and heart from the chicken she was frying!" boobird

[I'm surprised this one didn't get much comment love. I thought this was a great topic! —AK ]

Help! Keeping the Kitchen Cool in the Summer

"Lots of crockpot, rice cooker and Foreman Grill recipes!

"Also, try things like gazpachos and other cold soups, and big salads with pieces of fish and chicken off the Foreman.

"And if you must fire up the oven, multitask—make big dishes in the oven (lasagne, hotdish, etc) that you can freeze or at least serve more than once. " ec_washington

Freezing Eggs, Best Practices?

"Actually you can freeze them together or separately, your choice.

"The one rule with freezing the parts together is to mix a bit of salt (for savory dishes) or a bit of sugar (for sweet dishes) so that the eggs don't get rubbery.

"You can freeze them in little plastic containers or in baggies. I do it in containers so potentially there isn't a surprise scrape/puncture when moving things around in the freezer." MissBrownEyes

Electric Stove: Dealbreaker?

"Have an electric stove now, and have had for most of my life—just one apartment with gas. There are advantages as well as downsides. And no water vapor in the oven is a big advantage. On my current stove I can maintain an absurdly low temperature or a dangerously high temperature on the burners. Not true for all electrics though. As for apartment hunting, if it's 'perfect in every way,' then go for it. An electric stove's something to get used to, but not a deal breaker. Think of it as broadening your experience; you never know when you'll be happy for this extra bit of knowledge." lemonfair

Food in Yankee Stadium?

"Nothing particularly good. If you want some terrible heart burn, try the garlic fries. Best bet, stick to the hot dogs." rcammarota

[Wait, they don't offer calzones at Yankee Stadium? —AK]

What's the Story Behind Your SE Screen Name?

THIS ENTIRE THREAD IS GOLDEN. I for one love reading the origins of everyone's name and only wish I had my own clever nickname to explain. Thank you all for sharing. And, of course, props to betteirene, wherever she may have gone, for starting the first iteration of this thread in October 2009. —AK

Dutch Oven Recipes Needed

"As far as I know, the only things you need for a good dutch oven are a bed, a blanket and another person." djwackfriz

[How did I know this thread was going to go there? First comment, too. This might be one of those rare recipe's that's best not shared, djwackfriz! —AK]

When Does a Hamburger Become a Meatloaf Sandwich?

"I think most people are going to agree with the above comments, although if you look in old cookbooks many of the recipes do use binding agents, so our view of what constitutes a burger is fairly new." CatBoy