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"Peanut sauce on French fries! Genius! Leave it to the Dutch to surprise me with a delicious new way to enjoy peanut butter."


[Photographs: Peanut Butter & Co.]

Dutch Peanut Sauce for French Fries

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A few weeks ago I was in Chicago for a trade show. I had dinner one night at Rockit, a relaxed bar and grill with a fun vibe and menu that a friend who lives in the Windy City described simply as a crowdpleaser of a place. They are perhaps best known for their truffle fries, perfectly prepared french fries tossed with white truffle oil, fresh parsley, and just a little salt. They did not disappoint.

What does this have to do with nuts? Nothing. But those truffle fries got me on a french fry kick—so much so that the following week when I was in Curacao for a bit of scuba diving, I couldn't resist ordering some fries with lunch one day. Now Curacao is part of the Dutch Antilles, and the Dutch are unique in Europe as being one of the few cultures that really enjoy peanut butter, what they call pindekass, which translates, roughly, to peanut cheese.

When my fries emerged from the kitchen I was pleased to see a trio of sauces. I recognized the red stuff (ketchup) and the white (mayonnaise, also embraced as a fry dip by the Belgians) but what this third, golden colored sauce? Could it be...?

I gave my first fry a dip. Peanut sauce on French fries! Genius! Leave it to the Dutch to surprise me with a delicious new way to enjoy peanut butter.

The chef tried to tell me there was no recipe, and that he made the sauce "by feel" every day, but I pursued him until he gave it up. So, here I present to you an easy-to-prepare peanut dipping sauce for french fries, which, if you're like me, you'll find yourself using as a dip for all kinds of finger food.

Do you have any unique uses for peanut butter? Things that might make other people cringe but that you find delish?

About the author: Lee Zalben was a PB&J-loving kid that grew up to be the founder and president of Peanut Butter & Co., which began as a Greenwich Village sandwich shop serving nothing but peanut butter sandwiches and expanded to include the now-famous line of all natural flavored peanut butter. Lee is a graduate of Vassar College and enjoys traveling the world in search of interesting foods made with peanuts, tree nuts, and seeds. When he's not working, eating, flying or writing, he enjoys scuba diving and training elephants.