Slideshow SLIDESHOW: How to Make Tomato Water until I learned about tomato water.

It doesn't sound particularly exciting. Or flavorful. But the scent alone is enough to make you say mmmm. One taste of the pure tomato essence, and you'll be dreaming up ways to use it all season.

If I may do some of that thinking for you, here are a few applications:

  • As a base for Bloody Marys
  • As an added flavoring for beer or vodka
  • As a base for gazpacho or cocktail sauce
  • As a poaching liquid for shrimp, calamari or lobster
  • As a dressing for fresh oysters
  • As a marinade for white fish
  • As a vinaigrette mix-in
  • As a rice seasoner
  • Chilled and over ice, with basil

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About the author: "Sue Veed" is an editor at a Manhattan-based food magazine and a current culinary student who's trying to learn it all so she can cook it all. She'll take us along for the ride as she makes the journey from home cook to professional. Among things she may never master: looking natural in a chef's hat, and acting demure whenever a pork product hits the table.

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