"Phew, or should I say few."


Sandwiches from Salumeria Biellese. Cutting them into thirds is key. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

20080306-scale.jpgThis week I've finally gotten back to doing what works for me: portion control, portion control, and portion control, along with a side order of Ed Levine-approved exercise (biking, swimming, squashing). Yup, I'm back to Julia Child mode, eating everything in moderation.

A few fried clams, oysters, and scallops; two small, small pieces of pie; even half a snack-size McFlurry with Reese's mix-ins. The key words here are few, small, and half. I genuinely believe that the weight control answer for me lies in those three words. The hardest thing, I guess, is keeping their opposites at bay when seriously delicious food presents itself. Many, large, and whole (or all) are my serious diet's enemies.

This week I did manage to keep that evil trio at bay.

I had one of NYC's best burgers, at Savoy, and I cut it in half and offered the other half to my business lunch companion. He said he loved burgers, so he gratefully accepted my kind burger offer. I had six, maybe eight of the killer fries that came with the burger, and left the rest (he didn't want those).

We bought excellent mixed Italian heroes, meat and vegetarian versions, from Salumeria Biellese, to a business meeting as requested yesterday, and I had the friendly guys at Biellese cut the sandwiches in thirds. That made doing the Julia thing really easy when we broke out the sandwiches.

But there's still one hole in my serious diet game: I don't gravitate to salads and vegetables the way I should. I know if I eat more salad and vegetables in general, if I go out of my way to eat more leafy greens and asparagus and whatever else is in season, if I make green stuff a much bigger part of my everyday eating habits, it will definitely help me lose weight.

So to summarize, here's my current version of the Ed Levine Diet Doctrine: Everything in moderation, except vegetables and salad. Few, small, and half are words to live by.


No need to build any faux melodrama here. My interim weigh-ins have been good, so let's get right to Thinner: 222. Down two pounds from last week. Phew, or should I say Few.


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