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Knife Skills: How to Cut Carrots

Along with the past two installments, this week's knife skills column wraps up the traditional mirepoix combination of onions, celery, and carrots. After this, you are fully armed to at least begin cooking any number of traditional French and Italian dishes.

The Cuts

Shopping and Storage

Look for carrots that are a relatively even thickness throughout, which makes it much easier to cut them into even sized pieces. They should be completely firm to the touch, and should not give when you try to bend them. Bendy carrots are a good indication that they've lost too much of their moisture and their cell structure is beginning to collapse.

Size is generally not an indicator of how flavorful or sweet a carrot will be, though sometimes the behemoths start to get a hollow center, and can even start to rot from the inside out. I'd avoid anything larger than an inch or so in diameter.

You can store carrots at room temperature unwrapped for at least a few days, but they'll keep in the vegetable crisper for up to a few weeks if they are super fresh.

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