This Week in Recipes


[Photograph: Carolyn Cope]

  • Drinking Strawberries: A thirsty Carolyn Cope stirred up a pitcher of this refreshing, barely-sweet Strawberry Vanilla Agua Fresca.
  • Vinaigrette Science: In this week's Food Lab, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt experiments with emulsions (aka you'll never have a soggy salad again) to create these three great vinaigrette recipes.
  • Walnut Apricot Bread: Donna Currie had some raw walnuts lying around so she made a loaf of Walnut Apricot Bread—it came out of the oven with a beautiful mahogany crust.
  • Jim Gaffigan, Are You Listening? Kristen Swensson admits she's never had a real Hot Pocket, but something possessed her to attempt these homemade Hot Pockets, stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, and mozzarella.
  • KFC, But Not Kentucky: Nick Kindelsperger proves that fried chicken isn't just a Southern thing. Koreans have their own style of fried chicken, which is rapidly becoming more popular stateside.
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