Yoplait Greek: Not Fage, But Not Bad At All


[Photograph: Yoplait]

As the resident yogurt bureau chief and Fage obsessive at Serious Eats, I was pretty excited to hear that Yoplait was releasing a new line of Greek yogurt, in strawberry, blueberry, honey vanilla, and plain flavors.

And after first taste, I'm still pretty happy. While the plain yogurt doesn't have quite the mouth-coating creaminess of Fage or even Oikos, it's still a good deal thicker than most yogurts, and has that deep, sour tang that Greek yogurt fans love so much.

The strawberry and blueberry flavors are a bit sweet, but may please fruit yogurt fans; the honey and vanilla, on the other hand, was barely sweet at all, reminding me very much of the honey-flavored Chobani. It won't unseat Fage as my Greek yogurt of choice—but at $1.19 for six-ounce cup, it is a good bit cheaper. For those reluctant to drop the money on other brands, it may be one of the better choices out there.

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