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Video: The History of Cold Cuts on 'Modern Marvels'


Happy National Cold Cuts Day, everyone! Why is March 3 a day for celebrating cold cuts? Because the Internet said so. Learn more about wide world of cold sliced meats (and meat substitutes) with this episode of The History Channel's Modern Marvels on the history and production of cold cuts, featuring bologna, salami, pastrami, head cheese, liverwurst, olive loaf, and Tofurky. Watch the videos after the jump.

The History of Cold Cuts, Part 1 (Bologna and Salami)

The History of Cold Cuts, Part 2 (Pastrami)

The History of Cold Cuts, Part 3 (Head Cheese, Liverwurst, and Olive Loaf)

The History of Cold Cuts, Part 4 (Tofurky)

Bonus Videos: Oscar Meyer Commercial, 1973

I'm pretty sure I learned how to spell "bologna" from the Oscar Meyer jingle.

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