Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

There's so much going on in Talk week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

How Do YOU Roast a Chicken?


Eat for Eight Bucks: Perfect Roast Chicken. [Photograph: Michele Humes]

Lots of good advice in this thread about roasting bigger chickens (~6 pound), but there's something more going on here ... hmmm ... --AK

"Resolute, you complete me. The only bitterness is the taste left in my mouth after supping last night. Unfortunately, even your wise and sage counsel would have left my bird prematurely roasted on eve of yore for reasons unknown to all excepting possibly Amandarama. Yet, despite the lack of beans in your gracious offering, I shall soon attempt once again to truss a bonny fowl under your tutelage." Kitchenista

Bought Sardines Instead of Anchovies, What to Do with Them?

Look Who's Talkin'"You can always do what my grandfather does... top Oreos with them and eat them like crackers and cheese..... I know, it makes me throw up a little, too." Martini Me

Inheritance ... What to Get Rid Of?

"Get rid of all the pots and pans from the 60s and 70s with thin sides and bottoms. Revere and Farberware were the biggies back then, and they are so inferior to what's been made in recent decades! Also get rid of the cake pans and other baking pans that are thin. Ditto all the old teflon. Kitchen equipment has really improved in the last 20 years, so toss anything lightweight when you have something heavier that will do the job." Teachertalk

What to Cook When You Are Exhausted?

"Sometimes at the end of a ridiculous day I like to have a PB&J sandwich. Oh hot toast, it cannot be equaled—it's like a hug on bread :)" radish

I'm a Vegetarian, My Boyfriend Is Not! What to Cook for Him?

"My go-to's are sausages and bacon. I like both of these options because you can very easily tell if they are completely cooked and you run very little chance of overcooking. Perhaps make a pasta with some italian sausage (you can pull your portion of pasta out before you add the sausage). Stir frys are another great option. After you stir fry the veggies, you can stir fry up some thin slices of marinated chicken, beef or pork and then mix in 1/2 of the veggies to complete his portion. " perky4204

Breast Milk Cheese: Opinions?

"After reading this article I mentioned it to my husband whose horrified expression I found just hilarious. But I am a bit shocked by the concept, and intuitively feel it crosses some kind of intimacy line, although I don't know which one or why. I'd just sum it up as @AyeEat does. Thank you, but no thank you." JustNancy

Serious Eats Logo

"Yeah, I can see a hungry chicken looking for Serious Eats or a mouth looking for Serious Eats. It also makes me think of an abstract balloon that some balloon artist would come up with for a chicken or mouth. But really, the most interesting responses will come after midnight, when under the influence of the substance of your choice. Sobriety test anyone?" dhorst

Food That Brings You to Your KNEES

"I think for me, so much of a great meal depends on the circumstance and environment. A few years ago we had a family reunion in France where we spent a week or so in a gorgeous chateau. Our last evening, my father (who lives in France) hired a chef to make our "last supper". It was amazing! A beef filet with a slice of foie gras, roasted veg/potatoes, cheeses, wines, tartes, calvados... It was excellent! However, was it the actual meal that made it taste to divine, or was it that I was enjoying it with my family in an idyllic setting that made it so memorable?..." GretaGrace

Ugly Food

"I made Beef Stroganoff for dinner once and one of the kids asked if it was Grand Gourmet dog food!" NanaJoie

Grocery Self-Checkout Lanes: Way or No Way?

"I love self-checkouts!! Where else can I buy tampons, condoms, giant vats of ice cream and Oreos all at one time without judgment" themonkeysknow

Homemade vs. Store Bought: How Far Do You Go?

"I like things complicated. I make the following: butter, yogurt, mozzeralla, cream cheese, sour cream, creme fraiche, ricotta, bread, tortillas, home roast coffee, stocks, sauces, pasta, maple syrup, salad dressing, hot dogs/sausages, ground beef, wine, beer, bacon." jedd63

Tony Bourdain Talking to Food Bloggers and Chefs

"At least the eGullet guy admitted to some sort of pathology in extreme foodiness. I have long believed that people who are addicted to documenting and dissecting everything they eat have deeper issues than they want to admit." Lorenzo