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When you consider how easy it is to open a jar or box of artichoke hearts, the idea of trimming a whole artichoke to get at its tender heart may hardly seem worth it.

While those frozen and vacuum-packed artichokes often come in handy, there are times when only the sweetness and firmer texture of fresh artichokes will do (as in this recipe for braised artichoke hearts with capers). Oh, but the tedious plucking and peeling and cutting...

"Think of it as the hardy thistle that it is, and attack it."

If you approach the task of trimming an artichoke as if you are delicately pulling at rose petals, yes, it will take a while. But try this instead: think of it as the hardy thistle that it is, and attack it. Whenever I trim an artichoke, I imagine myself as the owl from the old Tootsie Roll Pop commercials: how many licks does it take to get to the center? A one, a two, a three, chomp.

This slideshow will explain two artichoke-trimming techniques: one for whole artichokes, the other for the hearts.

About the author: Kumiko writes the blog Recipe Interrupted. She believes that having a few cooking techniques under your belt can help make home cooking creative and easy, and is excited to share these basics here on her regular column Technique of the Week. A graduate of Brown University, the Institute of Culinary Education, and a mother of two hungry girls, Kumiko is always trying to keep her Brooklyn kitchen smelling of something good.