[Photographs: Hawk Krall]

Every Friday we look forward to Hawk Krall's take on a different hot dog variation in his Hot Dog of the Week column—from traditional small town hot dog joints to bizarre South American concoctions.

He now has four brand-new prints from recent posts for sale including: Brooklyn's Torta De Salchicha in neon green, the Colombian Perro Caliente in Pepto Bismol pink, Toronto's guilty pleasure street meat dogs and the classic Cincinnati Cheese Coney, printed due to overwhelming demand.

These are 11-by-14-inch acid-free giclée prints on archival paper printed by Silicon Gallery Fine Art Prints in Philadelphia. Super high-quality with ultra bright colors, the prints look as good, or even better, than the original paintings. You can buy them for $29 each (plus shipping and handling) or a set of four for $100 on Hawk's online store.

Along with these new prints there are now a total of 16 different designs available, everything from the classic Chicago dog to Washington D.C.'s half-smoke and Seattle's cream cheese hot dog:


[Summaries written by Hawk Krall]

Colombia might be a bit far to travel for a hot dog, but the Perro Caliente, a hot dog buried somewhere under an insane combination of fruit, crushed potato chips, bacon, and multiple mayonnaise based sauces—can also been found in Jackson Heights, Queens. I tried a few at Perro Veloz (my favorite), Perrada De Chalo—home of the infamous hard boiled egg topped "Iraqui Dog"—and the bright pink Xtasis.

In Toronto "street meat" means grilled hot dogs (beef, chicken or veggie) served from the city's many hot dog carts, piled with serve-yourself toppings such as corn relish, bacon, and canned mushrooms. Mayonnaise and shredded cheese are banned under current bizarre health codes but available "under the counter" from rogue vendors.


I tried my first Torta De Salchicha at Puebla Minimarket, a tiny bodega in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The standard Salchicha sandwich is usually "just" two split hot dogs on a pressed sandwich with avocado, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and jalapeno, but I went for the incredible deluxe version that added bacon, ham, and a fried egg.

And the classic Cheese Coney should be familiar to anyone near the Cincinnati Chili belt of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Chili is served up in "ways" over spaghetti but also poured on top of hot dogs and piled to the sky with a mountain of shredded cheese, diced onions and an optional dash of hot sauce.


These prints and 12 others are available at Hawk's online store!


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