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There is something simple and refreshing about about sweet citrus fruits, and October through April is peak season for the tangerine. First cultivated in China and Japan over 3,000 years ago, tangerines are smaller, less tart, and easier to peel than the orange.

Tangerine recipes, tips, and ideas after the jump.

When selecting tangerines look for firm to slightly soft skin, free of grooves and marks, with a bright orange hue. There are many different varieties of tangerines to suit your taste. The Clementine is the most popular variety of tangerine, as it contains very few seeds and has a glossy, dark orange peel and a very sweet flavor. The Honey variety is a cross between a tangerine and an orange, with many seeds and very thin skin ranging from yellow to orange. The Sunburst variety has deep reddish orange skin color and uniquely smooth skin. The Fallglo is one of the larger varieties of tangerines and is deep orange in color.

Perfect for snacking, salads, desserts, and more, the tangerine is a delicious treat any time of the day.


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