Chicken empanadas. [Photograph: Sarah @ Short Stop]

Last week on the Weekend Cook and Tell challenge we asked all of you to forgo your ideas about pies being sweet and fruity confections. We wanted you to think outside the pastry box and create savory pies, quiches, emapanadas, pasties, and turnovers. Winter months proved to be the perfect time for all of you to test out your non dessert baking skills. Our responses were full of crusty and flaky goodness. Check them out, after the jump.

Even in chilly Ontario DessertByCandy hold firm that a trip to the local farmers' market is still better than the supermarket. This locally sourced Onion and Leek Tart was based on a graham cracker crust made with Ryvita and Scottish oatcakes.

katieelby told us about her husband's first savory pie, a lamb and mint version eaten in London just a few short weeks ago.

Calzones seemed to be a common thread amongst this week's entries, but ElizabethS did a little more than reminisce about them. She made her own at home, taking a cue from comedian and fellow savoy pie aficionado, Jim Gaffigan. Take a look at these beautiful homemade Hot Pockets.

orchidgirl is another friend of the calzone. A can of "pizza crust," Italian sausage, cheese, and tomatoes and cilantro makes for some pretty nice and easy calzones.

A new year's resolution to use a cookbook each week inspired dashofginger to make up a mushroom, leek, and chicken pot pie. The best part is that the filling was enough to freeze and make many more pies in the coming months.

tatianak couldn't stop thinking about tourtière, a Quebecois meat pie. According to tatianak this recipe from Meathenge is the way to recreate it at home.

thegourmetgal is quite lucky to have a stepdaughter who makes the best chicken empanadas. Upon tasting these little pastries, get ready to hear phrases like "holy cow," "oh my stars," and "whoa, mama!"

leebo shared a recipe for steak and ale pie, a British pub standby. When leebo tried to make the pie at home using stewing beef, mushrooms, beef stock, New Castle beer, and frozen pastry dough the results came out pretty close to the original.

Lots of folks were quite excited about pizza rustica, an Italian dish traditionally served on Easter. It's basically a pastry crust filled with plenty of cheese and sausage.

Finally, MadelynRodriguez chimed in with not one but three savory pies: mushroom and goat cheese pastelillos, puffed spinach empanadas, and a Northern Spanish inspired empanada Gallenga.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to roll out the dough for this week's Weekend Cook and Tell. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: Superfoods.


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