Since the long holiday weekend isn't over, we've still got some time left to look back at the year just ended before you roll your eyes at us completely. I just posted a list of the Top 50 Serious Eats Talk Threads and while I was at it figured I'd take a look at what the Tasty 10 of 2009 looked like. Here they are:

1. The Food Lab: Perfect Boiled Eggs »
2. Recipe: Rice Krispies Sushi »
3. Sunday Brunch: The Greatest Waffle Recipe Ever »
4. Recipe: How to Make a Choco Taco »
5. One Dozen Trader Joe's Eggs, Each with a Double Yolk »
6. Adam's Top 8 Pizzas of 2009 »
7. The Food Lab: Turkey Brining Basics »
8. A List of Street Food Vendors Using Twitter »
9. The Ultimate NYC Chocolate Chip Cookie Tour »
10. Animal-Style Fries at In-N-Out Burger »


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