Last Week's Poll Results


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Here are the results to last week's poll: What's Your Favorite Football-Watching Snack Food? ยป

The Dip Family (Guacamole, Ranch, 7-Layer, etc.) 34%
Chicken Wings 26%
Pizza 16%
Nachos 12%
Chili 6%
The Tube Meat Family (Hot Dogs, Sausage, Li'l Smokies) 4%
Potato Skins 4%
Barbecue 3%

Sounds like you might need some dip recipes. Here are a few to get you started: classic guacamole, guacamole and bacon, blue cheesey goodness, avocado and corn salsa, serrano salsa verde, and of course, the almighty 7-layer dip.

Thanks for your participation. Stay tuned for this week's poll coming at ya tomorrow morning. (As always, I take poll suggestions.)