Here in the Serious Eats office we have a Calphalon convection toaster oven. Unfortunately, I manhandled it and broke the timer knob, so now we're unable to set it for timed baking or in the "always on" position.

Anyway, that's my fault and neither here nor there. What I'm blabbing about here is that while using the online form to contact the company about a replacement knob, the list of preliminary responses to my issue included this oddly specific topic: "Is it okay to place garlic cheese bread directly on the rack in my convection oven?"

For the record, this is the answer: "It is better to place cheese bread (or any foods that have an ingredient that will melt) on a baking pan. That way, if the cheese oozes over, the pan will catch the cheese instead of allowing it to fall on the heating elements in the bottom of the oven."


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