This is a sandwich, NOT a sammy (or sammie, or sammich). [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Here are the results to last week's poll: Which Food Term Should We Stop Using in 2010?

Sammy/Sammie/Sammich 30%
Foodgasm 17%
Foodie 14%
Food porn 9%
Rezzie 7% **
Nom (except when said by a lolcat) 7%
Flexitarian 7%
Mouthfeel 6%
Toothsome 4%
Healthful 4%

So stop eating sammies and having foodgasms, foodies!

Thanks for your participation. Stay tuned for this week's poll coming at ya tomorrow morning. (As always, I take poll suggestions.)

** Many of you chirped up asking what "rezzie" means. It's just an annoying shortcut for reservation—but maybe it's still too underground to be annoying.


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