What's better than bacon? How about luscious juicy links of cherry and applewood smoked venison sausage stuffed with gorgonzola, wrapped in bacon? I suppose that would be enough, but just in case it's not. Brand BBQ Market, a new Logan Square barbecue spot, also drizzles that whole combo, known as the Brandcheezie ($8), with cherry brandy barbecue sauce and perches the whole thing in a nest of fried caramelized onion strings.

The thing is so ludicrous, it reminds me of Saturday Night Live's "Taco Town" skit about the taco wrapped in a crepe wrapped in a Chicago deep dish pizza doused in chili. The thing is, this piece of craziness actually tastes great. The pungent sweet blue cheese melds with the smoke and fat of the sausage while the cherry brandy-drizzled bacon and onions makes a nice crispy and sweet counterpoint to the whole life-threatening pile of goodness.

Brand BBQ Market

2824 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647 (map
773-687-8148; brandbbqmarket.com


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