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The more kitchen gadgets you amass, the more organizational support you need to keep them all in order. I've seen tons of spice racks, but this fancy carousel by KitchenArt ($32 at Amazon.com) seems to do it all. Not only is it designed to save space and keep your spices in uniform containers like most other models, but this one has a quirky little dial that lets you automatically dispense by the quarter teaspoon. Brilliant? I think so.

I like that KitchenArt makes their spice carousel in two colors (black and white) to match your appliances, but what's better is that you can screw in an extra piece (included in the box) to hang the whole thing upside down under a cabinet. Talk about efficiency. A provided set of sticker labels is pretty inclusive, but it would be fairly easy to make your own should they not cover the more eclectic elements of your collection (ras el hanout, anyone?).

Overall, there aren't many problems to be had, given its straightforward functionality. Automatically measuring spices is a great little trick and controls a heavy hand: just slide open the little trap door on the bottom side of each container and turn the dial. Simple, and certainly no more hassle than flipping open a pour top.

The only thing I noticed was that over time, little bits can accumulate in the crevices around the trap door, requiring gentle cleaning. It's my only complaint and a minor one at that. But if you're starting to give up on a resolution to get more organized this year, this definitely isn't a bad place to start.


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