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If your loved ones are into beer and wine, you can always pick them up a bottle (or six) of something special. But traveling with liquids these days is tricky, so we thought we'd come up with a few other gifts for lovers of fine beverages.

For the Wine Devotee

20091210vinturi.jpgVinturi Wine Aerator: This gadget helps open up young wines, mellowing out the flavor by exposing the wine to air. It's perfect whether you're opening a 2000 Bordeaux or a $5 Malbec from the bargain bin. Available online at vinturi.com, $39.95

20091210builtbagwine.jpgBuilt Bags: Carry your bottles in style with these insulated bags. They're perfect for bringing wine to a dinner party or BYO restaurant. There are several patterns. Available online at builtny.com, $16-$20

20091210forteglasses.jpgForte Tritan Wine Glasses: These wine glasses are elegant and tough: instead of lead, this crystal is made with titanium and zirconium. We have these in a few different sizes and just love them. Available online at surlatable.com, $47.56 for six

20091210winejournal.jpgWine Journal: Keeping notes is a great way to deepen your wine experience (and remember that great bottle you tried last week). This leather-bound journal is a bit fancier than one we might buy for ourselves, but it's a great gift! Available online at chroniclebooks.com, $30

20091210artisanalwine.jpgWine and Cheese Classes: Artisanal Cheese Shop offers several classes on finding the perfect cheese and wine pairings, from a beginner's Pairing 101 to more specific regional classes. For the most flexibility, you can also order a gift certificate. Available online at artisanalcheese.com, $75

20091210wineandwar.jpgWine and War: A gift for wine lovers and history buffs alike. How French vintners and restaurateurs tricked the Nazis in order to hold on to their most precious bottles of wine during WWII. Available online at amazon.com, $10.17

20091210vineyardwalk.jpgGuided Vineyard Walks: Give some lucky wine lover a guided walk through scenic private vineyards including lunch and wine tastings. Three-day packages are also available, if you're feeling wildly generous (or you plan to propose). Available online at sonomavineyardwalks.com, $125 per person, minimum 2 person group

For the Beer Nut

20091210tickets.jpgBeer Fest Tickets: For hop heads and lovers of intense barrel-aged beers who live near Boston, tickets to the Extreme Beer Fest will be a surefire hit. More than one hundred extreme beers will be poured. (Live elsewhere? Check out this 2010 Beer Festival Calendar to find tickets to an event near you.) Available online at beeradvocate.com, $45 to $55

20091210brewingkit.jpgHomebrew Kit: For the beer lover who wants to branch into homebrewing, Brooklyn Brew Shop's kits and classes are a good way to start. They'll walk you through the steps so that you can make more Eggnog Milk Stout than you know what to do with. Available online at brooklynbrewshop.com, $30 to $50

20091210beertulips.jpgStemmed Beer Glasses: Beer tastes better when it's served correctly. These good looking glasses help support beer's foamy head and allow the drinker to really enjoy the aroma of well-made beer. Available online at amazon.com, $30 to $50

20091210beerwarsmovie.jpgBeer Wars: The DVD of this documentary is not yet available on Netflix, but you can snag a copy on the filmmaker's website. Follow the battle between small craft brewers and the industry giants, with cameos from Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Greg Koch of Stone Brewing, among others. Available online at beerwarsmovie.com, $19.95

20091210brewmaster.jpgThe Brewmaster's Table: This book is an essential guide to beer styles and how to pair food with beer, written by Brooklyn Brewery's Garrett Oliver. If your beer-loving friend doesn't own this already, it's a must-buy. Available online at amazon.com, $14.39

20091210brewopoly.jpgBrewopoly: A Monopoly Board game where you buy or trade beers and attempt to purchase brewpub monopolies. Available online at amazon.com, $19.98

20091210beerhotsauce.jpgBeer Hot Sauce: Aggressive hot sauce made with Stone Brewing's Arrogant Bastard, Oaked Arrogant Bastard, and Double Bastard Ales. Stone also sells a variety of beer-infused barbecue sauces. Available online at stonecompanystore.com, $7 to $20

20091210beerpong.jpgInflatable Floating Pool Beer Pong Table: Serious Eats does not condone binge drinking, but this might be the perfect gift for the frat boy on your list. Available online at kegworks.com, $49.95

For Those Who Won't Pick Sides

20091210whattodrink.jpgWhat to Drink with What You Eat: This book comes highly recommended and is definitely on my wish list. Expert advice on food and drink pairings from green tea to champagne. Available online at amazon.com, $22.05

About the author: Maggie Hoffman and her team of tasters are always looking for their new favorite beer. Maggie also writes about cooking on Pithy and Cleaver.

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