Do You Like Eating Pie Crust By Itself?


Just add filling. And then remove it. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Well, not totally by itself. I asked this question because when I eat fruit-filled pies with my mom, she'll forgo the filling, but eat the crust with gusto.

"Why don't you eat the filling?" I asked.

"It's too sweet! I like the crust more."

I apparently need to get or make my mom a pie with filling that isn't swimming in sugar. She isn't content with eating a crust on its own; she likes it to have that slick of sweetness from the gooey filling. She'll buy a pie from a reputable bakery or supermarket just to eat the goo-enhanced crust.

When I told her that most people like to eat the crust and the filling together, she was surprised. "Am I the weird one?" she asked. I'm not sure how atypical her preference is. Do any of you ignore the filling when you eat a fruit pie?

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