[Photograph: Tia Kim]

During her visit to Seoul, South Korea, Serious Eats contributor Tia Kim of Bionic Bites unexpectedly came across a great complimentary Korean breakfast at her hotel, Artnouveau City, that would make me rethink my non-breakfast-eating ways if I had easier access to the same dishes:

Everyday there was junbok jook (전복죽, abalone rice porridge), a huge stone vat of bubbling kimchi jigae (김치찌개, kimchi stew) with pork belly, kim (김, roasted seaweed), rice, and some sort of japchae (잡채, stir-fried noodles with meat and vegetables) or haemul japtang (해물잡탕, seafood and vegetables in a thick soy ginger garlic sauce) with lots of oyster mushrooms, which, by the way, was my favorite. The oyster mushrooms in Korea are amazing.

Rice, kimchi, pork belly, seaweed, noodles, seafood, vegetables—sounds more like the breakfast of champions than Wheaties.

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