Do you want these slimy things in your stuffing? [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

bug-holiday-turkey-100px.pngWhenever people talk about oyster stuffing, they seem to do one of those eye rolls reserved for foods that trigger insane amounts of pleasure. "Oohh, oyster stuuufffing." It's like you enter some exclusive food nerd club after trying it. As far as seasons go, it makes sense. Fall is prime oyster season (and sure, prime stuffing season too). According to Saveur the dish has roots in New England, though others credit the South.

What's all the fuss? Apparently the bread cubes soak up the oyster juices, which adds a little richness without making you feel like you swallowed the ocean. As a stuffing purist, I'm a little nervous to break away from my family's traditional herbs-bread-sausage route, but this take does sound intriguing.

Any oyster stuffing enthusiasts out there? Is it really that good? Good enough to ditch the classic mollusk-less recipe?

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