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Saturday Night in Albany, New York?
"Will be in Albany for a couple of gigs this weekend, staying in the city (with car). Looking for a low-key spot for dinner—any state gov't types have any off-the-beaten-path faves? No red sauce joints, please (meaning no offense to red sauce)..."

Red-banded Tiger Fish
Talking Green Bananas"Has anyone heard of a red-banded tiger fish? I saw it at my local Chinese supermarket yesterday and tried to look it up online to gauge its sustainability, but didn't come up with any results. It's a light- almost white-colored fish with thick orange-red stripes on its cross section. I'm looking to cook more fish, and wanted to explore as many sustainable options as I could."

Austin, Texas, Food/Wine Gift Delivery?
"Any recommendations for a nice place in Austin to order a wine or food gift basket ? Must have delivery. Thanks in advance."

Cordless Electric Tea Kettle Recommendations
"I am planning to buy a cordless electric tea kettle and would appreciate some recommendations. Thanks."

Serious Eater Low Iodine Recipes
"My mom is on a low iodine diet prior to undergoing radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer. She is coming to visit next week and I want to treat her to some yummy food. Besides roasted veggies, does anyone have any good recipes for a low iodine diet? Thanks in advance!"

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