Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

There's so much to keep up with in Talk that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

"It's not often that you see 'gravy' and 'thin' in the same sentence." smallkitchen

Girls' Night In: Recipes Needed!


Or just get some waistband extenders. Two for $6.98. [Illustrations: Harriet Carter]

"Wow, CJ McD, you're emptying the vault on this one. PoorOldMama may have to remove the pants completely, not just undo the top button:-)" dmcavanagh

Your Clever SE Name

Look Who's Talkin'Agh! Too many awesome responses to single out just one. Just want to give this thread props and call it to your attention if you haven't seen it. It's been fascinating reading the origin stories of screen names I've been seeing for so long. Thanks for starting this, betteirene. And, oh, betteirene: what yayfood said. —AK

Bad Host: Invited to Dinner and Asked to PAY! Would You?

"I would've said, 'Sure! let me run home and grab the money I didn't bring any. I'll be back in a half hour.' End of relationship." AyeEat

Do You Check Out Other Peoples' Fridges?

"My nephew was visiting from the UK and took video of our house to show the folks back home. While visiting the UK a couple of years later, we were shown the video and imagine my amazement when I saw that he had video taped the entire contents of my refrigerator and freezer." graciejean

[OMG, you have to digitize that vid and upload it to YouTube for us! —AK]

Pho Season?


Phở đuôi bò. Here's a recipe and how-to. [Photograph: Tam Ngo]

"Funny you should bring this up. There are a lot pho cafes popping up. And with the first touch of cool/cold they are standing out. I'm usually there 1 to 2 times per week for lunch." Ribster

[Could pho joints be the next big trend? Who knows. —AK]

Hey Ya'll, Where Does a Foodie Eat Out in Oklahoma City?

"I think the array of ethnic food way south of I-40 is pretty great, and all the Vietnamese on Classen is good (we have the only Lee's Sandwich outside of California and Houston). Med. Deli has great Middle Eastern food. Oklahoma City is varied in population, including lots of Lebanese and Vietnamese, much more so than Tulsa. You just have to hunt around! Be proud of your city!" seikel

[If watching Saving Grace has taught me anything other than the people of OKC like to drink and that Holly Hunter has a bony back, it's that Oklahoma and Texas have a raging rivalry. dozertx's one-word response to this thread seems to back this up: "Texas." —AK]

Cooking for One (Person) Ideas?

"I was just in Paris a few weeks ago. I loved it! Definitely keep eggs in the fridge. A great dinner is a simple omlette with a salad of fresh greens and a baguette. Europeans tend to go to the market daily for fresh produce. Salads make great dinners, just add yummy ingredients like hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken or fish, fresh beans/cheese, roasted peppers, artichokes... Buy what you think you'll eat. Since you will probably be shopping at a butcher (not many superstores in Paris) you can order a single portion fresh cut ie 6oz filet or at the fish monger 10 shrimp. I personally love leftovers for lunch or repeat meals. Enjoy!" KtMc24

Celebratory Break-Up Dinner

"Any food your ex didn't like? Just a note: Don't celebrate a break up. Celebrate your new you and all the opportunities that holds." CJ McD

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