"They use serrated knives to slaughter the cakes; our pie-server spears barely pierce flesh."

Warning: This podcast is PG-13. If you think pie-smeared nookie might offend you, don't hit play.

If it hasn't been obvious, I'm a bit of a science-fiction fan. I get a large dose of my fix each week via a couple excellent podcasts, one of which I discovered only a few weeks ago—Norm Sherman's beautifully produced Drabblecast. I've been powering through the Drabblecast archives and was delighted to find that Episode 105 of the show featured two short stories involving pie (embedded above), both by writer-podcaster Mur Lafferty.

This being scifi/speculative fiction, there's just a bit of weirdness going on here. In the first story (scrub ahead to 1:53) Lafferty conjures up the world of the Pie Hunters, in which a rite of passage for adolescent tribe members is to slay a wild pie.

She'd been hunting full-grown pies for four years now. The little hand-held fruit pies were for kids—the preservatives made them slow and stupid—but pies in the wild, they were the true treasure, they had formed the culture of her people...

In the second story, "Last of the Pie Hunters," the story's namesake describes an enemy tribe:

The Cake Eaters are an abomination. They are not proper warriors. They are fat and lazy, and the cake is too stupid to even be a worthwhile or respectable prey.

There are a few other food-related Drabblecast stories, including "Toast" by Jamie Lackey in Episode 123 and, in Episode 132, "Baker's Dozen." Give 'em a listen.

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