From Advertising Age's Q&A with Charles H. Townsend, president and CEO of Gourmet publisher Condé Nast:

Advertising Age: A Condé Nast employee asked me today whether choosing Gourmet over Bon Appétit signals the future of Condé Nast. Do you shut down the title that's beautiful and smart with good writing, the employee asked, and go for the title with recipes and pictures of cheeseburgers? Do you go with mass over the esteemed, narrower title?

Mr. Townsend: That's not Condé Nast. I think that Bon Appétit certainly has broader appeal but I would by no means characterize it as a mass magazine. It's still a high-end magazine. You look at its demography, its price points, the advertising it carries, you look at everything about it, it's a Conde Nast magazine.

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