This Week in Recipes


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Mole Madness: Andrea Lynn brings us a silky, spicy Black Mexican Chocolate Sauce, while Seriously Meatless correspondent Michael Natkin recommends his simple Mole Aproximado for vegetarian enchiladas.

Teff It Up: You may know the Ethiopian grain teff as the base of injera bread, but "Gluten-Free Girl" Shauna Ahern transforms it into a sweet, spicy porridge.

Crumb: We all need a perfect crumb cake recipe, and Robin Bellinger's buttery, cinnamon-topped version is just that.

Flower Power: Lavender works its way into Piemontese cuisine, as Gina DePalma shows us with her Lavender Honey Spice Cake.

Fuzzy Wuzzy: How to use up the fuzzy squash in your fridge? The Crisper Whisperer's Hairy Gourd Bread.

Chocolate Orange: Unless you've killed off your inner child, it's hard not to smile at CakeSpy's Chocolate Cakes Grilled in Orange Shells.

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