Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 83: Bad Road Food Habits in Chicago

"There was more delicious Chicago food to be had, and I had it."


Pizza from Great Lake. Read all about my visit here ยป

I thought I had licked my road food problem--the one that gives me license to eat insane amounts of food when traveling. I convince myself I may never pass through that town again. Then I went to Chicago and the Windy City got the best of me.

The first day, Robyn and I had barbecue at Honey1 BBQ, hot dogs and duck fat fries at Hot Doug's, frozen custard and Boston Shakes at Scooter's, pizza at Great Lake, and an espresso malt nightcap at Bobtail, a well-regarded Chicago ice cream shop. I tried to eat everything in moderation, but it was hard, because even in moderation, that's a lot of food.

So Friday was a complete serious diet disaster. And we still had two more days in Chicago. Do other serious eaters have the same problem on the road?

Saturday was goat and pie day, and even though I canceled a dinner reservation that night and saw a bad movie instead, I still ate too much.

Sunday was no better.

There was more delicious Chicago food to be had, and I had it. Black truffle hash browns, thick slices of maple-cured bacon, chicken sausage corn dogs, hot chocolate, soft pretzels. It was a lost weekend.

The Weigh-In

Starting the week off with three days of Chicago deliciousness was not exactly an auspicious beginning to my serious diet regimen. I think I did regain control as the week wore on, but it's going to be tough recovering from my gustatory tour of the Windy City.

Here we go. 216. Up two pounds from last week, but four pounds less than when I got on the scale in Chicago on Sunday (yes, I really do bring Thinner everywhere). No more trips to Chicago planned for the immediate future. Thank God for that. But Chicago was no excuse. I should have exerted more self-control. Bad habits die hard.

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