Night muffins. Why wait until morning? [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Oh, how well I can relate to this passage from the Washington Post:

It is well past 9 p.m. I am dreaming about dough and batter, yet I am not asleep. The night is still young for obsessed bakers like me who enjoy the tranquilizing act of stirring a brownie batter, kneading a batch of yeast dough or tossing together a quick bread before bedtime.

Like Lisa Yockelson, the author of this piece, I too am a night baker. Between work and busy weekends, the only time I find to whip up a batch of cookies is late in the evening. I may be a bit more prone to burning myself, I may blow a healthy day on a few goodies, and my dreams might not get any less crazy. But anything from the oven just tastes better around midnight. Or a few hours later.

What about you? Are you a night baker?


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