[Photographs: Food Network Humor]

We've done our fair share of food tattoo posts on Serious Eats, so you know we're not ink-haters. But after a while, there are only so many blog posts you can look at where someone's all like, "Look! A food-themed tat!" Snooooooz.

So when our hot dog man, Hawk Krall, emailed this link to me, I was like, Seriously? Another one?

Until I clicked through.

Food Network Humor does it again, with a brilliant round-up of the 25 most gawdawful fugly food tats out there. The three above are just some of the "What were they thinking?" moments on display. Perhaps the best (worst?) is the sad, lonely portrait of Colonel Sanders on some dude's bicep.

Dunno how I missed this post (it's from late May), but thanks for bringing it to my attention, Hawk.


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