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It's Wednesday afternoon and that means it's time to round up all of your Weekend Cook and Tell projects! Last week's challenge was all about embracing the anchovy and frankly I'm a little taken aback by all the love you have shown for these little hairy fish. I thought I was pretty much alone in my love for anchovies but as it turns out, they aren't such an acquired taste after all. Here are some of our fishiest and favorite responses:

College days inspired shoneyjoe to revisit the combination of chicken-flavored ramen noodles accented with a few anchovies. The results were salty, oily, fishy and delicious, with a hint of ridiculous.

In typical Italian fashion daniela enjoys anchovies in all of its guises. She preserves them, grills them fresh on the beach, and incorporates them into a tortino di acciughe or anchovy pie. Take a look at her beautiful anchovy photos and recipes over at Menu Turistico.

ElizabethS made one of my favorite pantry pastas-anchovies with some garlic, red pepper, and a hint of vermouth. Take a look at her recipe on Take Back Your Kitchen.

Kitchen Wizard uses anchovy paste to boost the umami factor in everything from Bolognese sauce to stuffed vegetables.

Rhetor employed the salty trinity of capers, olives, and anchovies to make a classic Italian puttanesca.

I want to shake the hand of the person who came up with this sandwich of turkey breast, anchovies, and Russian dressing on rye bread that ChloeA grew up eating.

Lemons makes a chicken salad that originated at the historical home of the bellini, Harry's Bar in Venice. The recipe is simply chicken, hard-cooked egg, mayo, a little grated onion, black pepper and a whole tin of chopped anchovies, and apparently even anchovy haters scarf these sandwiches down.

Kiira makes a pasta sauce with anchovies, shredded zucchini, garlic, red pepper flakes, parsley, and mint that is sure to turn anchovy haters into anchovy lovers.

Caesar dressing was the inspiration for dhorst's veggie dip. It's just mayo, sour cream, garlic, parm, lemon juice and anchovy paste, and even her anchovy hating husband loves it.

Cassaendra is more accustomed to using fish sauce than anchovies but she took the plunge with her spaghetti with tomatoes, zucchini, and anchovies.

Juman23 and southeasterneater win the prize for being the ultimate anchovy enthusiasts. No fancy recipes or cooking are necessary, straight out of the can and maybe a few crackers are all these anchovy fans need.

A big thank you to all of the anchovy lovers who participated in this week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. We love to see what you are cooking up at home and your recipes, experiences, and photos that you share are always an inspiration. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: Julia Child recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking in honor of the film Julie & Julia.


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