Cherry Coke Zero will sound pretty humdrum after you get a load of all 500-ish specialty sodas available at Galco's Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles, a carbonation haven since 1897. Owner John Nese is very proud of his collection. Red Ribbon root beer is still brewed with sassafras root bark; Bubble Up is made with actual lemon and lime oils; Manhattan Special is a coffee soda that's been roasted in Brooklyn since 1897. Nese thinks diet sodas are for the birds, but admits that Stewart's Black Cherry isn't bad. This mini-documentary is part of Chow's Obsessives series. Watch it after the jump.

Talking Soda Pop with John Nese of Galco's in Los Angeles

[via Metafilter]

If you're not in Southern California, worry not. You can order the sodas through Galco's website.


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